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Default Re: Hugh Jackman IS The Wolverine Thread

Anyone who hasn't been following The Wolverine can head over to that board for the full recaps and interviews, but here are some excerpts from the footage that was recently screened:

From Latino Review:

“The Wolverine” has definitely adapted a darker, more serious tone to the picture. There’s a joke sprinkled in occasionally but you can tell that the filmmakers have brought up the quality in this picture, perhaps as a way to visually separate themselves from the horrendous “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.” The action sequences are very top notch, and the second half of the bullet train scene looks fantastic and is thrilling to watch. If this is what the rest of the movie will be like in regards of quality and action, audiences will have a blast watching “The Wolverine.”
From Collider:

"After watching fifteen minutes of director James Mangold’s The Wolverine in the editing room a few weeks ago, I really think we’re finally going to get the Wolverine movie we’ve all been waiting for. While I don’t want to write a play by play of the footage Mangold showed, I’ll admit to seeing the first ten minutes of the film, and then about five minutes from a major action set piece that took place on a fast moving train. From what I saw, it looks like Mangold has nailed the character and the action, and Hugh Jackman looked like he was finally part of a Wolverine movie that will showcase the true character. Consider me sold."

"Like most of us, my relationship with the X-MEN franchise fluctuates on a series of highs and lows depending on the film. So to gauge how my write up will possibly reflect your anticipation level, let me quickly make my peace with the previous installments: I really like X1, love X2, tolerated X3 (haven’t revisited it since theaters), loath ORIGINS and am generally ambivalent towards First Class… Yeah, that last bit is usually where my opinion differs from most. With that in mind, after viewing the first fifteen minutes of THE WOLVERINE as well as the train action set piece you’ll recognize from the trailers, I feel pretty comfortable saying this movie is shaping up to be the most promising installment to the universe since X-MEN 2."
Looking good.

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