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Default Re: Iron Man 3: Aldrich Killian's True Supervillain Alias Identified

Originally Posted by Steve Holt View Post
no ones brought up the fact that theoretically he can change his appearance with extremis, next movie he might look asian lol
Except that the "true" Mandarin(Killian) is dead, lol.

Originally Posted by Hammer! View Post
Pierce was the Mandarin, and he did a great job. A final fight scene with Ben would have been weak! Even with rings. I don't think Feige planned on using Mandarin in future films ala Red Skull and Loki, so I'm totally fine with using the twist to parlay a clever, contemporary allegory on our perceptions of terrorists, and 'faces' of evil. I thought it was much better than the half-assed twist in TDKR.
Hrm....what? When a director has to twist around the canon from a previous film to make it work, that's call half-assing it. At least TDKR didn't do such with the LoS.

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