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Default Re: What are the worst comic book movies of all time?

Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
I am still baffled by the hatred some people have for Cap 1. It just seems weird.
It's not hatred. It's just bad filmmaking.

People need to stop with the hate train. Things are good or bad. There isnt's some strange or malevolent intention in people's opinion. Hate is an intense feeling. Nobody gives a rat's ass about that Cap American film.

It's just one of the many turds Marvel Studios have been pooping. It aint easy being the worst of that bunch , but that Cap movie might actually win that prize.

The action montages are almost...offensive.

I have to say , Superman 3 takes the cake. It was the perfect showcase of Lester'S inability to work behind a camera. The script is also all kinds of horrendous. It starts with a stupid comedic bit that could be stolen from any of those crappy 80's comedy. The masterplan OF the evil guy is to control...Coffee. COFFEE!!

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