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Default Re: Your top 5 things that needs to be "fixed" for the Batman reboot

Originally Posted by Baazar View Post
I think we need more Batman on-screen time, as much as I liked the TDK trilogy. I could never accept the fact that he would go into hiding for 8 years. Batman spends his nights on patrol, doing what has to be done no matter what the public thinks of him.
Bruce Wayne's retirement wasn't because the public thinks he killed Harvey. It's because of his psyche. Plus, if he stuck around, he'd probably just cause more trouble for the GCPD. So, instead of cause trouble for the GCPD, he left. He allowed people to believe that Dent was incorruptible because, as said in the film, Bruce thinks Harvey is the hero Gotham needs. But, as Bruce sees in TDKR, Harvey's death didn't really help. If anything, it made it worse (I don't remember examples exactly but I remember Blake brings up something to do with the prisoners in one scene and it allowed them to lock Selina in a male prison, presumably because it had more security).

Then, after he hung up the cape and cowl, he decided to help the city as Bruce Wayne. So he worked on the reactor. But...then a paper was published on how to turn it into a bomb. So, Bruce shut it down. His entire life's work by this point is gone. He put so much stock into Batman and then had to give him up. Then, he went to help as Bruce Wayne, then that....bombed (PUNS!). So, he withdrew from the world. He had no purpose. There was no real person to Bruce Wayne, it was just an image Bruce used to try and help, but that didn't work.

So, it's not about what the public thought, it was about his broken psyche and not causing more work for Gordon and the GCPD.

Plus, I think you mean the costume. And I disagree. The interesting part of the character is the psyche, you don't need to be in costume for that.

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