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Default The Glasses Problem

  1. Okay, so Superman makes out with Lois in front of Perry, Jenny and Steve Lombard. Cool.
  2. Clark then puts on some glasses and walks into the Daily Planet. Hmm... this could be a problem.
  3. Lois then starts making googly eyes, signifying that she and Clark will have some sort of workplace relationship that will eventually get people to wonder what Superman thinks about this... waitaminute.
  4. This is a room full of reporters, by the way. Their job is t find stuff out.
  5. What happens when Superman gets an up close and personal in an interview or a photograph?

Now I know what some of you might say

A) No one would expect to find Superman amongst them. Except... they would in MOS-verse. Zod said he is among you, looks like one of you.

B) The may think he's just a guy that looks like Superman. One time, this famous person lost a lookalike contest after all. Unless there's someone else around the Daily Planet that looks more like Superman than Clark Kent, this doesn't help.

C) Clark's act is so convincing, people can't help but believe he's just a normal guy! ... but we all know the act is not convincing. Especially to a group of reporters who are always looking for the next story, who can go to some other outlet if need be.

So... what to do, what to do? I have some thoughts, but I'm curious about yours...

Here's what Goyer himself had to say at Bleeding Cool
In our minds there are people in Smallville who know Superman’s secret as well [as Lois], Pete Ross seems to know, there’s probably a couple dozen people who know and we thought it would be interesting if they’re protective of him.

We were able to sidestep the issue of the ludicrous glasses disguise in this film but going forwards, we’re going to find ourselves in a sticky wicket. Zack and I have definitely talked about “Okay, hmm, this will be interesting.” Clearly Perry White and Steve Lombard see Lois kissing Superman at the end of the film. Perry’s not an idiot. Moving forward, he’s probably going to say to Lois “What’s up with that?” We’re definitely going to have to go through some story gymnastics.

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