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Default Re: TMOS Review & Speculation Thread (Spoilers) - Part 4

Saw it when it came out but I had to really think about the movie since then and I didn't want to rush to judgement, but here I go.....I really really really did not like this movie, BUT I would still kinda recommend it in a weird way, it definitely is a spectacle, but it is also kind of a mess (IMO) Not a fan of how the movie was put together and I felt the earlier parts of the film were a little bit of a chore to get through, I felt the decision to do the back story via flashback was a great theory, but I'm not fond of how it was done in practice. The action however truly is amazing, I was able to get past the fact Superman and Zod probably killed 1,000's because the action was so well done, but here comes my biggest gripe with this movie, the constant shaky cam ...I just...I just loathe that style of camera work. Also can't stand the forced Jesus Allegories in this, I have always hated Superman when depicted in that light, it's a turn off to me PERSONALLY, and it is in no way done subtly in this flick. There are some other things I disliked but those are the major gripes, I do feel there is huuuge potential for this franchise to improve with a sequel though, and I do feel Cavill is the right choice for Superman so hopefully Snyder has it in him to improve upon this first try. Well guys try not to roast me too bad, eh actually go ahead I rarely even come in here lol peace.

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