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Default Re: TASM Easter eggs, foreshadowing, and other references!

Originally Posted by blake c View Post
Guys, I was just thinking about something. Remember when Peter was hanging on the side of the building? Why did he have to help Peter up? He could of just stuck to the wall, but instead he was slipping.
The force of the momentum from the fall/jump was pushing Peter down the building. He was tumbling and not really in a position to 'simply grip the wall and stop.' Also, if using real-world physics he would have needed to grip the wall for enough of a distance to counter-act his forward momentum to slow his progress and finally come to a stop. There wasn't enough time to do so before he would have went off the side of the bldg, which he did, and wouldn't have been able to save himself again due to his broken webshooters. Connor's saw this and reacted.

Originally Posted by blake c View Post
What if when that formula went into the sky, he lost his powers and he has to recreate the spider to get his powers back?
That wouldn't happen. The anti-serum was made specific for the Lizard DNA.

Originally Posted by blake c View Post
Or coould someone please explain why Connors had to reach for Spiderman?
Refer to my first paragraph. But in 'movie-land' it was all about showing the redemption of Connors.

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