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Default Re: Iron Man 3: Aldrich Killian's True Supervillain Alias Identified

Originally Posted by Hammer! View Post
Pierce was the Mandarin, and he did a great job. A final fight scene with Ben would have been weak! Even with rings. I don't think Feige planned on using Mandarin in future films ala Red Skull and Loki, so I'm totally fine with using the twist to parlay a clever, contemporary allegory on our perceptions of terrorists, and 'faces' of evil. I thought it was much better than the half-assed twist in TDKR.
The allegory left me cold.

That final fight scene was polarizing for me and my son. He loved it as much as any Marvel fight and I hated it. I was waiting the whole film for Tony to really get to do hi s Iron man stuff and this wasn't it.

The closest to being Iron man was the plane sequence and he wasn't even in the suit.

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