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Default Re: The IRON MAN Thread - Robert Downey Jr. Returning!

I honestly felt that RDJ returning was a given, and here's why...

For all the AWESOME that "The Avengers" was, it pretty much got snubbed in terms of awards. And I gotta think that for someone like RDJ, that kinda rubs him the wrong way, and makes him a bit defiant.

Meaning he'll be around for a while, keep raking in the massive amounts of cash, and helping the franchise break box office records on massive scales, pretty much to snub his nose at the stiffs in Hollywood that shun giving a movie like "The Avengers" and sort of serious credit.

But, eventually, he will get bored snubbing his nose at them, and that will be the end of RDJ in the franchise, but his contribution is undeniable. He built the foundation, and has carried it on his shoulders, and honestly, I think he likes that.

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