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Default Re: TMOS Review & Speculation Thread (Spoilers) - Part 4

Okay as reported yesterday I went to the 6:00 session of man of steel, then followed straight after by the 8:30 session and ofcourse another session today because I want man of steel to annihilate the box office and if I can help, I will. ( still got 5 more sessions in me).

Acting 10/10

I can't find a bad performance in the movie anywhere. The stars aligned perfectly casting wise. I will admit upfront that I was rather apprehensive about laurence fishburne as perry because to me laurence is a C list actor at best with little range. However he was one of the best actors in this movie. He IS perry white. I wish his part were bigger but understand why it wasn't. Henry made me believe a man can fly. His range was wonderful especially given how one dimensional the heros can be written in these films. Amy adams is the best live action Lois Lane to this date. She was a hard hitting, no nonsense, d*** measuring, attitude giving, spunky lois lane that was missing from superman returns. Everyone was prefect.

Effects 9/10

Couldn't give a prefect 10 due to the overtly cartoon, green screen obvious way superman fought the world engine tentacles. Lol. Other than that I found myself dribbling my coke everywhere like I'd just had a stroke. WOW is all I have.

Action 8/10

I admit the ending dragged on. After the world engine, I felt exhausted emotionally. However if another action set piece meant I got that terrific speech from zod before they fight as well as superman snapping necks then so be it.

Story 9/10

I admit I would have liked more of an ending after zod died and frankly I still don't get why zod wanted lois to go with superman and faora to his ship, other than convenient plot devices, however besides those, I loved the story.

At the end when zod says, "you love these people so much, you care more for them". For the first time in the movie my heart broke for zod. the way shannon said it, with such sadness, as though he couldn't understand why kal did not love him and his own race just as much saddened him.

Overall the movie was a 9/10 for me. I want to say more and get more specific but I'm going this from my phone and my thumbs are killing me lol. Suffice to say, superman is back and better than hes been in a long time. Give me that damn sequel!!.


"Superman was a beacon to the world. He didn't just save people, he made them see the best parts of themselves"
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