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Default Re: Fighting, Tatics, and new gadgets of the New Batman

Originally Posted by cryptic name View Post
I'm for technology that is disguised. His tech should be all about making him appear supernatural. That's one thing I love about the first Burton movie. He wears armor, but it appears to others that he's simply an unkillable wraith. He uses his grapple, but it appears he can fly, etc.

As far as fighting, that's the biggest departure from previous incarnations I'd like to see. We've had an ultra subdued, "realistic" approach, now I want to see crazy hand to hand combat. I want a Batman (in a suit he can really move in) that is clearly a master of multiple forms of martial arts. The fights from The Raid could be template.
Co-signed. That would a nice approach that would make him feel like an artificial superhero, fitting him in better with the rest of the DCU.

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