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Default Re: The Glasses Problem

The Planet people weren't close enough to recognize him easily, but enough to understand that Clark looks like Superman.

Also, it was announced on national TV that Lois and not-yet-called-Superman knew each other. Lois clearly has the exclusive. People looking for Superman have her as their #1 lead. For the people at the Planet, that in tandem with the big kiss would strongly indicate a relationship.

And unfortunately, the flimsiness of Superman's disguise is part of the real world pop culture discourse. Not mentioning it doesn't work like it would for another hero. Overthinking it would be 'well, the NSA can do facial tracking on street cameras, so eventually they'd find him!' 'How did Clark get the exact job he wanted so quickly in this economy, right after such an epic disaster?' is overthinking it. Why Steve Lombard can't put two and two together, and no one else bothers to try to, that's pretty simple, pretty in your face.

The idea of Superman never coming into close contact with anyone is interesting, however, I don't think that's reasonable. He never speaks to the people he rescues? No one can get a shot of this guy?

Writing it so people think about it sounds good in theory, but afaik, that's done by making something cool. No one thinks about the physics of a good fight scene because it's cool to watch. I don't know if you can make the glasses 'cool.'

Perry, like the Smallville people would likely be protective, and Jenny would follow suit. The loose cannon, and I think he'd make a great sub story arc for Luthor to get the info, is Steve Lombard. He's a relatively unscrupulous guy.

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