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Default Re: Fighting, Tatics, and new gadgets of the New Batman

More emphasis on Batman as a 'monster' to explain why people fear him. A notable increase in tech, like the hacking from Watchdogs would be great. Great way to get an eye on things happening, great way to allow him to appear to be everywhere. Having Batman causing people's phone to ring would be awesome.

In keeping with the monster effect, his fighting style should be explosive, partly to reinforce the idea that he's some trancendent being. Acrobatics would be necessary to achieve his ends, and we'd some of those. His mobility is necessary to appear to be everywhere.

But more than that, he faces off against someone who requires epic martial arts, and not just lots of thugs, where it actually makes sense to use smaller quicker movements to dispatch them in one or two moves.

Microfibers in the cape to make it almost Spawn-like in its billowing and countours, that'd be a plus too.

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