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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 3

I think its tough to imagine a completely non-political BP movie. Unfortunately, thats going to be the tricky part, not the action stuff. The film has to do justice to the character and his world (major changes from the comics are likely of course),appeal to fairly broad audience, and it has to do good business overseas. Who do you get to writer and/or direct this thing?

You would really love a young Will Smith for this, someone guaranteed to put asses in seats. There is no young(ish) black actor who's that big right now. So you probably have to go with a relative unknown. Also tricky.

GotG, in many ways seems like a cakewalk compared to a BP movie. I don't see how we get a quality film at this point. Not without a complete retool of every aspect of the property. But what would be the point?

Originally Posted by KangConquers

At the risk of being totally offensive...there's a quote from Ghandi about Christianity that can be reappropriated for this.

"I like your Christopher Nolan, but I do not like your Nolanites."

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