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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 3

For starters. Or Wakandas attitude/conflict/disdain/fear toward its African neighbors and the West may or may not be dealt with. And the fact that they have all this advanced tech based on vibranium - which they have a total monopoly on - that makes them a de facto superpower, except they're more secretive than North Korea. All that stuff, plus the issues of having an all-black cast. Or IS the cast all or mostly black? If Marvel inserted a white or even light skinned love interest, would that be okay? Race, politics, geography, economics, etc, will be in play the minute the project is green lit.

Even the kind of accent that T'Challa has will be an issue.

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At the risk of being totally offensive...there's a quote from Ghandi about Christianity that can be reappropriated for this.

"I like your Christopher Nolan, but I do not like your Nolanites."
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