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Default Re: The Official Michael Shannon IS General Zod - Part 4

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
Probably since it didn't appear as though much time had passed since their sentencing before Krypton was destroyed.

On another note, some of the other things that I liked about this take on Zod was that brief moment where we saw Shannon's Zod showing more emotion and vulnerability than Stamp was allowed to. I'm referring about the moment where Zod is begging Superman not to destroy the chamber; you could tell that Zod was desperately trying to resurrect his people and how devastated he was from having failed to do so.

Another thing that I enjoyed was how there was an underlying sense of regret and past friendship between Zod and Jor-el, and how Zod said that even though he did it for his people and would do so again if he had to, he still regretted having to kill Jor-el. In some ways, Jor-el and Zod came off as the tragic friendship between Magneto and Professor X.
Shannon's facial expressions rock in the entire sequence after the world engine starts up. He actually smiles a bit when his command key lights up the genesis chamber, is clearly irritated at Jor-El's lecture, then he looks even more annoyed when he realizes that the World Engine has been destroyed and he has to destroy the human plane, panic stricken and desperate when Clark prepares to destroy the ship, than overcome by anger and despair afterwards.

Great acting.

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