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Default Re: TMOS Review & Speculation Thread (Spoilers) - Part 4

my Man of Steel review:

The movie had terrific ideas, and despite showing the origin, felt like something I haven't seen before. Geekvolution's cap Logan said that he always wanted a Superman movie that's completely science fiction and that the origin story had so much potential to be that. I totally agree, and I'm glad that they did it here.

The action and effects were spectacular. While common sense tells that a lot of the action was CGI, my mind never seperated the CGI and shot footage as I was experiencing it. Nothing felt fake in the movie, and the concepts were so believably handled that I do think this Superman could co-exist in the same universe with Nolan's Batman

Clark as a character was a bit different than what Superman usually is imo. But a good character is a good characer none the less. I do wish that he had gotten a tad more development. Lois on the other hand was exactly what I was expecting which is not bad at all. Shannon as Zod really surprised me in the role, especially when people say that his character doesn't have dimension. The way I saw it, Zod's personality in the film was deliberatly like that, he was what he was genetically made to be and he portrayed that beautifully

over all, it's a 9.4/10 for me. The music is a tad too repetitive but it's still very good music. Similar nitpick with the action: there's numbingly much action in the movie, but it's still really good & thrilling action that I'm invested in. Besides those things, this movie is brilliant and I have no idea why it's score is so low on RT

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