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Default Re: TMOS Review & Speculation Thread (Spoilers) - Part 4

I saw it again in IMAX 3D. It was really in your face in IMAX and the 3D didn't add much but I have to say I loved, loved the 'learning to fly' sequence. It choked me up. I got emotional there and it was my favourite part of the movie.

The movie doesn't repeat that simple joyous moment of flying because the switching of gears is full-on. There really isn't as an emotionally-moving action setpiece towards the end. It's just really intense. My fave part of the climax is Zod rising up after taking off his armour and when he and Kal-El fly and fight around the city. I do want to see more flying sequences like that in the city, where it doesn't necessarily end into crashing into a building.

I liked all the characters, from Superman to Lois, Perry, Swanwick and Hardy etc.

This movie is the most comic-book like version of Superman in that it goes through the plot points in quick succession, like comic panels, where there isn't much time to breathe and then moves to an all-out destructive finale. I want Zack to give the story more time to breathe. There was that in the beginning before Kal turned into Superman, but it did move very fast from him becoming Superman to having to fight Zod and co. And the villain plot is very comic-booky and resolved that way too.

But I liked all the elements of the movie, most importantly Cavill is a great Superman and the mythology is there to be built up.

Crowd reaction was positive and a lot of people were taking photos of themselves next to the statue of Superman in the lobby before and after the movie.

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