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Default Re: TMOS Review & Speculation Thread (Spoilers) - Part 4

Originally Posted by br0adband View Post
I am accepting, even in spite of your condescending attitude that I'm not.

But at least you finally admitted what pretty much every post of yours about this movie reeks of:

We get it: You don't find this movie appealing on any level. But when every post you make bashes it, tears it to shreds, and basically hammers that fact out every time we see you making a post about this movie and nearly any thread discussing it, well...

In this particular situation, such repetition is not the Mother of all skill, I assure you.
You notice the key notion of my statement being as a whole? There's parts I like, though admittedly it's a stretch. Furthermore, tearing it to shreds implies that I'm doing a good job of critiquing the movie. Thanks. Oh and you're not accepting of my opinion, don't try and pretend. Remember the blah blah blah quote? That's condescension considering others quite maturely responded or corroborated my opinion. By the way, as usual you're good at the ironic posts since you've been nothing but sunshiny about everything regarding this film. So the sentiments regarding repetition and endlessly defending the film goes your way too.

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