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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises - Home Video (Blu-Ray/DVD) Release Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
Considering WB already released the Limited Edition boxset last year, I find it really hard to believe they'd just add all bells and whistles with none of the meat. You guys are probably smart to keep your expectations low, but I just am having a difficult time believing that the content of this package is 100% the same. The internet WILL flip out if that's the case, there will be petitions and everything (that I fully plan on signing lol).
It all depends on what that second BD is with Batman Begins and whether or not Begins and Knight get a remastering.

As of right now, I'm good with the special features on the existing BD's. They tell enough of the behind the scenes story of this trilogy. I don't need much more than what they offer...but, I'm not going to turn down new stuff, if it's worth it.

And if the first two films aren't remastered, I might go out and finally get those steelbooks available at Best Buy at the moment.

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