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Default Re: TMOS Review & Speculation Thread (Spoilers) - Part 4

Originally Posted by BlueLantern View Post
You notice the key notion of my statement being as a whole? There's parts I like, though admittedly it's a stretch. Furthermore, tearing it to shreds implies that I'm doing a good job of critiquing the movie. Thanks. Oh and you're not accepting of my opinion, don't try and pretend. Remember the blah blah blah quote? That's condescension considering others quite maturely responded or corroborated my opinion. By the way, as usual you're good at the ironic posts since you've been nothing but sunshiny about everything regarding this film. So the sentiments regarding repetition and endlessly defending the film goes your way too.
If you think I haven't trashed some of the aspects of the movie you're just not getting it and you're just not paying attention. Seriously. From the moment I joined this forum about a week ago I've consistently had the opinion that it's not a perfect movie, it has flaws, but the opinions I'm expressing aren't meant to bash it consistently and to a degree where I'm doing nothing BUT bashing it which is the point.

I just don't find it necessary to do anything BUT trash it, which has been precisely what you've done from everything I've seen.

Even on those infrequent and incredibly rare opportunities for you to offer anything positive at all you turn it into a slam. I mean the comment you just made is a perfect example:

Originally Posted by BlueLantern View Post
There's parts I like, though admittedly it's a stretch.
Almost a positive statement then hammered with the bash. You don't like the movie overall, hence "There's parts I like" but they're not even something worth mentioning since it's some super-human effort (pun intended) to point those parts out, apparently.

And the blah blah blah thing is something I do instead of *snip* or quoting entire posts all over again. Been at this a very long time, old habits are very tough to break.

I like the parts as a whole, you dislike the whole save for some parts. Funny how that works...

Opinions... we both have 'em, just like other parts too.

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