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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 6

Originally Posted by JP View Post
Got around to watching Jack the Giant Slayer tonight -- I loved it. Got me really excited for DoFP. The only issue is that the story is a bit simple and linear, and the films opening animated sequence is visually awful. Everything else was fantastic.
Well nice to see I am not only one who enjoyed film.The film's weakness was In script certinly not In Bryan's directing or acting.Stanly Tucci seemed like he wasn't acting In same film as others but maybe Bryan felt with this being a fairy tale film the film needed an over the top villian.

The CGI could have been a little bit beter but It didn't bother me as much as others.And the giants gives me hope on how the sentinles will look In DOFP.Bryan has better visual effects people working on this.

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