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Default Re: 'X-men: DOFP' Official CAST Thread (announcements and discussion) - Part 2

Originally Posted by NanaT View Post
But you see the whole novelty of the Days of Future Past comic is that these characters have vastly changed in this apocalyptic future and their struggle to survive was the whole selling point of the story otherwise it's just another X-Men vs Brotherhood scenario. We need to be emotionally invested in the future characters for the story to work. We need to feel for them and we need to fully appreciate the kind of life they're living. The comics focused especially on Kitty and Storm. Kitty was the new recruit in the past and this mature badass in the future. Storm was the new leader of the X-Men and struggled in that area and we see her in the future as this grown up woman prepared to do morally ambiguous things like kill. If the future aspect of this film is nothing but a throw away then the whole purpose of Days of Future Past and what made it so popular that it is being adapted now thirty years later is lost. I think everyone will be killed off one by one, The Last Stand style, with Storm potentially getting the most powerful death. Or future Wolverine, assuming its a brain swap, which we know is already possible in this universe.

Plus the X-Men are fighting sentinels something never before seen in an X-Men film as opposed to just the X-Men vs Magneto and his goons for the third time.
I think you missed the point. Throwback doesn't necessarily mean throw away. Now we see the full manifestation of some of these powers. As far as emotional attachment, I think audiences should already feel that knowing these characters from the OT. Kitty isn't in the past. She is unlikely to be a time traveler as she is nowhere in site in 1973. I feel it will it's not going to be much more than say, the recent comedy This is the End, where the apocalypse happens and ***minor spoiler ahead*** a lot of the characters are dispatched early... in a more serious manner. Man that was a good movie though. 30-45 minutes? Doesn't sound like much. Maybe 5-10 minutes to explain the circumstance, have the circumstances unfold in "real time", and then propose the solution of time travel. I don't think you can cover much more than that and develop all these new characters.

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