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Default Re: Vin Diesel interested in Doctor Doom?

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
Diesel's not a subtle facial expressions guy. That leaves out Blackbolt, Mordo and any of the really textured villains. He could work as Doom, I think, as Doom's accent is not a big part of the character (since he's from a visual medium), but as said before, that's not relevant to him meeting with Marvel. Similarly, we know what films are in pre-production.. Ant-Man, Guardins of the Galaxy.

Thanos actually could be a very, VERY good choice. His voice is perfect for any villain, Thanos included, but they do need Thanos to lay hands on people at some point. Diesel's about the best choice they could get, imho. It could be Rocket Raccoon, but Thanos would be the most bang for their buck. Vision could be good too, for the same reasons as Thanos. But for some reason... Thanos seems more like a typical Vin character rather than the more reserved erudite Vision.

Regardless, it'd be fun to watch Diesel walk around set in that white-and-black-checkerboard CGI costume.
While that would be an amusing visual, I doubt they would use such a tall actor for any motion capture work for Rocket Raccoon, as it would throw off the eye lines, etc. - maybe Deep Roy will do the on set reference work.

I would assume some one like Thanos would be practical make-up and costume like in the Avengers. Same for the Vision, but Vin seems too "thick" for him - some one leaner would be a better visual match...

Been some time since I read any of the Dr. Strange comics - Mordo never seemed that deep to me - but you may be right that Vin's not correct for him - we shall see...

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