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Default Re: Iron Man 3: Aldrich Killian's True Supervillain Alias Identified

Originally Posted by Oscorp View Post
Killian was a much better villain than Kingsley's Mandarin would've been anyway. Kingsley was just a Osama bin Laden copy and one of the least interesting villains (that is: if he actually was a super villain) I've seen in a CBM.

I can understand that lots of people are disappointed. I've never read the Iron Man comics so I didn't care too much. But I will sure as hell be angry if Green Goblin will be a transformed monster in TASM2, so I get what you guys are saying. But for me, Kingsley's Mandarin was a boring cliché so I was very happy it ended up the way it did.
The bold is what made me actually enjoy Kingsley's Mandarin from the jump. An actual terrorist that feels more real than what we saw in Nolan's trilogy like Ra's, Talia, Bane and the LoS because it wasn't some actual ninja clan, or the continuation of such ninja clan but actual terrorism that feels like the real world....then it all goes into shambles. I would've loved to see an IM3 without Killian and without Extremis. Use Ghost that wipes out all technology for the Ten Rings as they run havoc in the United States and most of the armors are wipe out except the Mark I where Stark has to use that junky armor against the Ten Rings and finally, Kingsley's Mandarin

But, if not that even, there is one article that had a "What If?" storyline that I really liked as well where they actually bring in magic and Mandarin has ten magic rings. That sounded better than what we actually got as well.

Originally Posted by RedBlueWonder View Post
I admire that they took a risk, but for me it really backfired on them. Is the heavy comedic tone going to be in all future MCU Movies now?
I definitely hope not.

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