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Default Re: Vin Diesel interested in Doctor Doom?

Originally Posted by bubbadoom View Post
While that would be an amusing visual, I doubt they would use such a tall actor for any motion capture work for Rocket Raccoon, as it would throw off the eye lines, etc. - maybe Deep Roy will do the on set reference work.

I would assume some one like Thanos would be practical make-up and costume like in the Avengers. Same for the Vision, but Vin seems too "thick" for him - some one leaner would be a better visual match...

Been some time since I read any of the Dr. Strange comics - Mordo never seemed that deep to me - but you may be right that Vin's not correct for him - we shall see...
Thanos was practical makeup, wasn't he? Interesting... hmm...
Oh, and you're so right about RR. Is Deep Roy actually short enough for RR? Or will they make RR a mite taller? Regardless, yeah, probably not Vin doing taht part.

and I don't read Strange either... but I just assumed Strange being a good character and his other archfoe Dormammu being so one-note that Mordo would be a bit more textured or at least aristocratic.

I don't know about Vision as a practical effect. I think an unnatural skinniness would serve him better than what can come off as simple spandex or worse - powers armor. I'd envision an MCU Vision being more like Sonny from I, Robot than the Cybermen from Dr. Who.

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