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Default Re: The Glasses Problem

Originally Posted by The Question View Post
How does one kiss qualify the nature of their relationship? If there's never any indication of Lois and Superman seeing each other socially, the nature of their relationship is that she discovered him and they kissed once, as far as anyone else knows.
That's not how people tend to think. If all I know is that two people know each other, and the only time I've seen them together, they were engaged in a passionate kiss, I would presume there is a strong romantic aspect to their relationship... in this case, and in every other similar case I've run into, I would be correct.

This idea that people would view their only glimpse into this relationship as an isolated incident doesn't vibe with human thinking.

No I'm not. He's already a public figure. A person can be a public figure without being photographed. All being a public figure means is that the public is aware of and interested in your existence.
That's true, public figure is the wrong term then. Heroic persona is probably closer to what I'm thinking of.

I don't see how it's unnatural for Superman to never be photographed, or to never go to the Daily Planet. Simply have him make a conscious decision to avoid being photographed and to never go to the Daily Planet as Superman. Why does that seem unnatural. If you're trying to hide your identity, that feels perfectly natural to me.
So if he's carrying someone to safety, he makes sure he does it out of camera shot? Or he only saves people when they're alone? The notion makes sense, yes, but the application doesn't. Story gymnastics.

It was far less than a minute. They were able to see his face for ten, fifteen seconds tops. He landed, kissed Lois, they talked for about three seconds, and then he turned to deal with Zod.
Then they kissed some more, *then* turned to deal with Zod. It wasn't a quick blink-and-you'll miss it thing by any means.

How is anti-heroic to not stand still for people to take your photograph?

And how does avoiding photographs make him stop being a public figure? He's still a public figure even if nobody has a good photo of him.

I really don't see why having him avoid being photographed is a problem. It's how you solve the problem of the secret identity, and I don't see what's lost by doing it.
People take pictures even when you're not standing still. Even when you're rescuing people or fighting villains. Superman hiding is anti-heroic. That's kind of opposite of the trajectory, purpose and theme of Superman. That is one solution though, that Superman hides from the public to protect his identity, but I liked the tack they were taking with the end of MOS. Superman knows people are looking for them, and he doesn't hide as Superman. He confronts, he does damage control, and the persona who is hiding is Clark, not Superman. I liked that, I wouldn't want to lose that.

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