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Default Re: Avengers Alliance - Part 1

Originally Posted by Raiden View Post
I got Constrictor two days ago, and I was surprised when I got him since I was getting alot of duplicates. Unfortunately, a mod has confirmed the nerf of CP drops in 12.2, so it looks like I'll have to go back to farming after I purchased 2 Phoenix 5 costumes for Cyclops and Phoenix.
I'm at 7/8 covers for Constrictor so I'm still grinding away for him. This has been a tough lockbox hero to get, as I've gotten probably 12 duplicates when I usually only get 4-5. I got one more group boss of my own and then have to hope for plenty of my allies doing them. Probably going to have about 20 boxes to get that last cover.

As for the CP nerf, I've definitely noticed it. I usually get 4-6 runs in at 12.2 and typically got around 20 CP a day. I'm now lucky if I get more than 5 CP in a day. PD has so far refused to say they nerfed CP drop rates, but when just about everyone is noticing it, it certainly happened.

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