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Default Re: Vin Diesel interested in Doctor Doom?

Originally Posted by bubbadoom View Post
Why not just stick with the same make-up guys who did Thanos in the Avengers? Is there any real reason to switch techniques now that the make-up look has been established?
My thoughts are that a mocap Thanos offers a more versatile performance from whomever is cast. After getting into the mocap suit and putting some magic marker points of reference on the actor's face you're good to roll camera. The time and effort to get them into the makeup, breaks to rest from overheating or going to the bathroom, ect. eat into the schedule. Time is money as they say. Plus if Thanos goes mano y mano with Thor/Hulk, whomever, it's going to be a CGI laden brawl anyway. So might as well do as much in post.

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