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Default Re: Choose Your Batman 2.0

Originally Posted by EliteF50 View Post
It's sad Bale's Batman turned out the way it did. It had so much more potential. Bale is one of the best living actors, he could give us a perfect comic book Batman if that's what the project called for, but he was mis-directed. Nolan's heart wasn't in the comics enough to give us comic book Batman.
I actually agree with those who say his batman can be improved on. When typing my little tribute to Bale, I was thinking of how his Bruce Wayne cannot be topped, but his batman can (he was still excellent in the cowl). As you said, I think this was more to do with the direction rather than Bale himself, as Nolan was trying to tell the story of Bruce Wayne, and Bale in the cowl seemed like Bruce Wayne wearing a mask rather than "Batman".

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