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Default Re: Amy Adams is Lois Lane: - Part 10

Originally Posted by Cantis1 View Post
Yea, I remember hearing about how he likes Lois when he was writing for "Smallville" and then the New 52 came around and Lois was f@cked to heck and back and I no longer believed ANYTHING coming out of his lying mouth.

I know, I really came to love Pepper and Tony from the movies, and then I looked them up and found out their story in the comics and I was like, "crap! Hope the movies doesn't go that way!" LOL!

There's so much potential with Lois and Clark. 75 years worth of it. She's as integral to the Superman mythos as any character NOT named "Clark Kent aka Superman" so the fact that DC is disrespecting her right now just burns me the heck up, it really does. And that's one of the things that I loved so much about this movie is because everyone involved with it really seems to respect and appreciate the Lois Lane character and what she brings to the story. Screw Johns and the idiots who wrote the crap on Smallville pre season 9. Because at least Goyer and Snyder and Nolan respect Lois and respect the pairing and respect Clark Kent enough not to jerk him around so they can pair him up with their personal fanboy fantasies. Argh!
well based on the interviews that Snyder has given, he seems to understand how important Lois is to the Superman mythology and to Superman himself, and it doesn't hurt that Amy Adams is like one of the best actresses out there as well and brings a lot in portraying this role.

I honestly can't think of any actress that can fit Wonder Woman's profile that can match Amy Adam's resume and fan base at the moment.

Like Audrey and others have pointed out, Lois and Superman/Clark is like one of the world's most famous and well known fictional couples, more so than the likes of Peter Parker and Mary Jane and almost comparable to Romeo and Juliet, only with a happier

And it doesn't hurt that Snyder was supposedly quoted on saying that his Superman isn't based off of the new 52 take.

My hope for this new take on Clark and Lois is that they are allowed to flourish and develop naturally without the hindrance of uncharacteristic problems and without unwanted third party members getting involved. Hell, for those that are worried that Bruce and Diana may become a threat to this beloved ship, the chances of that happening are very unlikely at the moment..hell there's a better chance that DC may pair up Batman and Wonder Woman together in the live action DC

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