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Default Re: Amy Adams is Lois Lane: - - Part 11

Originally Posted by Cantis1 View Post
I agree, Herolee! He's sounded so supportive and appreciative of Lois Lane, and respectful of what she brings to the story, that it really does my Lois Loving Heart some good. Especially with the way that DC has been spitting on her. Good lord, I really pretty much despise that company right now.

Me too! At this point, I can't see them doing a love triangle with them. Not with what they have built in this movie right now. These two formed a really strong connection based on mutual trust and belief in each other, not to mention an obvious attraction and appreciation of the other. I think they will explore that more - especially with Lois in the know - rather than sabotage it with any stupid, inane third party crap.

And I'd like to hope that if they DO introduce Wonder Woman in MoS, they will have respect enough for all of the characters to do it with something more than in some shallow, stupid attempt at a triangle, you know?
Agreed; and irony of this is that before the New 52, Lois and Wonder Woman were portrayed on being good friends with each other with no "unrequited love for Superman" from WW being an issue or a factor from what i recall and Batman knows how important Lois is to superman and goes to great lengths to ensure that she's safe for Superman's sake (at least from what I remember).

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