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Default Re: Amy Adams is Lois Lane: - - Part 11

Originally Posted by TheNextNolan22 View Post
In some ways, MOS was kind of an F-you to the New 52. But that might be just me.
HA! Totally! I love it

Agreed; and irony of this is that before the New 52, Lois and Wonder Woman were portrayed on being good friends with each other with no "unrequited love for Superman" from WW being an issue or a factor from what i recall and Batman knows how important Lois is to superman and goes to great lengths to ensure that she's safe for Superman's sake (at least from what I remember).
Yea, one of my favorite stories is the one where Lois is kidnapped and going to be burned at the stake by the Superman fanatics and Bruce comes to save her and he ruminates about her, how she's one of his best students. I LOVE that one!

It's just stupid. The whole blasted thing is stupid. It's just from the mind of immature men to turn female characters who were strong and independent into nothing more than catfighters and mere love interest for the males.

Thank GOODNESS that Snyder and Goyer not only respect Lois Lane, but they respect female characters in general in this movie. Sure, I might have liked a bit more with Clark and his birth mom, Lara. But Lara was still shown as a strong, intelligent woman of her own. Same with Martha Kent. Same with Faora. None of these women were turned into sex symbols or helpless women, just to prop up the male characters. They were all intelligent, strong women of their own, respected for what they could bring to the story more than just some shallow sex crap.

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