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Default Re: Amy Adams is Lois Lane: - - Part 11

Originally Posted by Cantis1 View Post
HA! Totally! I love it

Yea, one of my favorite stories is the one where Lois is kidnapped and going to be burned at the stake by the Superman fanatics and Bruce comes to save her and he ruminates about her, how she's one of his best students. I LOVE that one!

It's just stupid. The whole blasted thing is stupid. It's just from the mind of immature men to turn female characters who were strong and independent into nothing more than catfighters and mere love interest for the males.

Thank GOODNESS that Snyder and Goyer not only respect Lois Lane, but they respect female characters in general in this movie. Sure, I might have liked a bit more with Clark and his birth mom, Lara. But Lara was still shown as a strong, intelligent woman of her own. Same with Martha Kent. Same with Faora. None of these women were turned into sex symbols or helpless women, just to prop up the male characters. They were all intelligent, strong women of their own, respected for what they could bring to the story more than just some shallow sex crap.
If Michael Bay had directed this film, or someone like him, I guarantee everyone that we would have gotten some dimwitted female characters, shown for nothing but their sex appeal, and always have Lois shown with her make conveniently in tact, along with her hair being in the perfect position at all

I kind of hope that at some point in the DC Film universe, that if we do get to see a wedding for Superman and Lois, that we get to see the entire Justice League there in their civilian identities, with Bruce serving as one of Clark's best man, and Diana as one of Lois's bridesmaids

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