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Default Re: Amy Adams is Lois Lane: - - Part 11

Oh, heck, Lois would have been in a bikini at some point, or running around in short shorts in the Alaskan wilds or something! Or she would have been in a negligee during her apartment scenes

Oh, I would love a wedding! I kind of think they won't give us that, but yea, if we get one, I would love to see the whole JLA there. And with the Lois in the comics in a lot of the know and this Lois already in the know, she should know who the JLA are so when they come to her wedding, it won't be weird, LOL!

One of the scenes I seriously want for the next movie, is a "Lois covers for Clark when he has to go running out" scene. Where they're all talking at the DP with Perry or other co workers, he hears something, gives her the signal, and she makes an excuse so he can run out. I REALLY want one of those, LOL!

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