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Default Re: Choose Your Batman 2.0

Originally Posted by hafizbat View Post
I actually agree with those who say his batman can be improved on. When typing my little tribute to Bale, I was thinking of how his Bruce Wayne cannot be topped, but his batman can (he was still excellent in the cowl). As you said, I think this was more to do with the direction rather than Bale himself, as Nolan was trying to tell the story of Bruce Wayne, and Bale in the cowl seemed like Bruce Wayne wearing a mask rather than "Batman".
Totally. That's why I'd love Bale back as Batman, but this time under Snyder's direction in Justice League.

Originally Posted by Rodrigo90 View Post
And my rant on Gosling

Batman shouts in the comics! He's interactive and a multi layered character.

We say we could see Gosling as Keaton-esque Batman. Silent and moody.

I want that back too. But I want that to be combined with a Bale-esque Batman, which to me is the winning combo.

I don't want a Bale-esque, heck even Conroy-esque Batman sacrificed because of Gosling's trademark moodiness and weak voice!
Yes. A definite no to Gosling as Batman. I still can't believe anyone who thinks he'd make a good Batman have read any Batman comics or watched any BTAS episodes. Gosling would make a damn fine Flash, but Batman? Too meek. Too soft. Not edgy or aggressive enough, even when he's trying to be.

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"The first rule of 'Tusi is to not talk about 'Tusi."
Listen to my updated Bane voice impression!

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