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Default Re: Amy Adams is Lois Lane: - - Part 11

Originally Posted by DACrowe View Post
I say it works fine as is. I really want it to be a sweet, but adult relationship. When we begin the sequel they are together, no questions asked. We develop and explore how their relationship works, but no confusion that they are a steady and happy couple.
Yea, I'd like that too.

They are a couple, we see them building their relationship together. Sure, they're still working on things and getting things right, but it's clear they are TOGETHER.

And I want them to have Lois be active in the story, like they did in this movie. And if it IS Lex as the next villain, then that will work, because she can be working on the whole exposing him angle and coming up with that proof, while Clark is working on the whole superhero angle.

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