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Default Re: Can Metallo character work in a Superman movie ??

Originally Posted by pr0xyt0xin View Post
Yes. In fact I'd put him in the top 5 potential villains to use after Zod:

1. Luthor
2. Brainiac
3. Metallo
4. Bizarro
5. Doomsday

(that is assuming Darkseid is reserved for a JL film)
I can't see them using either Doomsday or Bizarro.

With Doomsday, it'd be a weird choice of villain after all the complaints about the senseless destruction and too much action.

With Bizarro, i'm just not sure it'd be a particularly good villain to translate onto the big screen. It's similar with Mxysptlk. If you try and bring them to the big screen and 'modernise' (translation: make them less silly), then they've sort of lost the point.

I'd say Brainiac really SHOULD be saved for a potential third film. I think it's pretty much given that Darkseid will be the villain in a Justice League film, but Brainiac seems like a great way to bring it back to his Kryptonian roots and round it out like a trilogy.

So really, I think Metallo or Parasite are two of the most obvious choices for potential fight scenes, and Lex/Intergang in the background giving the story a bit more weight.

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