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Default Re: Amy Adams is Lois Lane: - - Part 11

Guys, Geoff Johns did not just write Lois and Clark on Smallville.

He wrote Superman: Secret Origins which has one of the best and most beautiful portrayals of Lois Lane EVER. He wrote a stunning relationship between Lois and Clark where Lois was on to Clark right away and knew he was hiding something.

He also wrote Superman: Last Son with Richard Donner where Lois and Clark adopt a child together and raise him.

Geoff Johns does love Lois. The new 52 is horrible but trust's not his fault. Johns is not the driving force behind the choices at DC Comics now. Dan Didio and Jim Lee are. They are the ones making the decisions. Johns is a company man first and foremost.

But don't believe everything you see. Geoff Johns loves Lois and Clark and always has. Some things are out of his control. Don't hold the poor choices of some of the other leadership against him.

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