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Default Re: Updated Rating for The Dark Knight Rises

Originally Posted by DACrowe View Post
You know, it is funny how so many have been arguing and bashing TDKR for the last year.

Now that the two superhero heavy hitters of 2013 are done (c'mon, The Wolverine?!), can we all just admit that a lot of the disappointment is because it did not live up to TDK? Because TDKR is a great, great film. And when you see other filmmakers take a stab at the genre, it just does not even come close to even this lesser effort in this trilogy.
I donĀ“t think it lived up or down to TDK. It just lived in a different direction.

TDK has a tighter script, but TDKR has more powerful scenes.

I give the movie 8.7. It is great in almost every aspect.

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