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Default Re: Updated Rating for The Dark Knight Rises

Honestly, I think it is best if we never go beyond the end credits of TDKR.

What I do feel we missed out on were adventures in between TDK and TDKR. I sincerely get that Nolan was tired after two and only wanted to do one more. Besides, (good) sequels are about escalation and the only way to really escalate from TDK was to have a villain actually SUCCEED in destroying the city, if only temporarily, as TDKR did.

However, it feels like there are several missing chapters to Bruce Wayne's journey. There should be at least one story of Batman throwing himself into his work in an all-consuming way after Rachel's death until he realizes that the Dent Act has allowed Gotham to no longer need him. It would also be great if it took two years later after TDK, implying Bruce Wayne has lived and breathed Batman in his "prime" for close to 4 years at this point, explaining why his body is in such bad shape during TDKR.

I understand that Nolan did not want the story to become episodic, but it does feel like we skipped a few steps to get to the end, which TDKR was a fine version of. But that feeling like there is more that could have happened in-between is my only complaint about the trilogy. And ultimately, it is pretty minor.

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