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Default Re: Do you think this movie is going to be too big?

Unlike The Last Stand or Origins I never felt characters were just thrown In
X_Men,X2,and First Class.Yeah Cyclops got short end of stick but In ensemble like this some characters are going to suffer.Plus X2 was based In part on God loves man kills and Cyclops spent much of that story as prisoner.

Bishop,Warpath,Blink,and Sunspot are In all Likelyhood In film to have more mutants In fight with Sentinles.Bishop may be one of new ones In future with largest role.

If DOFP Is same lenth as X2 or first Class or ever longer in length that Is going to help.One thing that hurt last stand was the length of film.

It's also going to be intresting to see how much screentime future scenes get.
A little over a month was spent on those scenes.

Also It appears they are keeping the 1973 scenes fairly toned down as far as characters go with Wolverine,Xavier,Magneto,Mystique,Beast,Trask,Quic ksilver,whoever Josh Helman Is playing+Nixon and his advisors.

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