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Default Re: Do you think this movie is going to be too big?

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
I admit there is a risk that characters like Blink, Warpath, Bishop, won't be much more than eye-candy (or FX-candy). One thing that Avengers and the Dark Knight films didn't do was have too many background characters as distractions.

People complained about the minor characters in The Last Stand but they did all serve a purpose. Arclight, for instance, used shockwaves to shatter the plastic weapons, and Callisto was a way of stopping Storm using the enormous power at her disposal to stop the mutant army.
Yeah same with Origins, all of the characters had a purpose. But the execution wasn't good.

Instead of introducing 6 to 10 new characters, they could just give the role to somebody.

Originally Posted by DOFP View Post
I would assumed blink was gonna teleport x-men members back in time, but I guess they are only doing mind swipe. Warpath, I hope he is only there for Rogue to borrow his power, it will be cool to see her fly and be strong. Bishop, well he is part of the future so I wouldn't make sense not to have him in the film, as for sunspot . . . . I have no clue why he is there, if they needed a mutant with fire powers why not keep Pyro, same thing with Blink, if she is only used as a normal teleporter why not just keep Nightcrawler, just a thought.
Pyro was probably vaporized in X3 and if they are gonna bring back Nightcrawler, there should be a big reason for that. If they are gonna bring him back just to do some action scenes then that would probably ruin his legacy in this film series.

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