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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 6

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
It was indicated to me a long time ago that the future is alternate and so is the past into which the traveller(s) arrives.

This would mean that correcting the past likely sets up the events of the original trilogy. I'm not entirely sold on that idea, as the original trilogy does not have a happy ending (at least, not for Xavier, Jean, Scott, Mystique).

I'm not entirely certain what they have in mind but if it really does involve Jean and Scott, then it must be an alternate future. This then means they don't have to explain how Xavier survived the events of X3.

I'm also not sure if this means that X-Men: First Class is an alternate timeline or if just the 1973 past in DoFP is an alternate timeline. It's all very confusing.
Patrick Stewart already confirmed that there will be an explanation for his resurrection.

And I don't think just because Cyke and Jean will be appearing in the movie, its automatically an alternate future/timeline where the things happened in the original trilogy didn't happen. If thats the case then they should have been announced a few months ago as returning characters just like Storm and the rest of the OT cast.

If they are in the movie, I think they will be only appearing in a few scenes or at the end of the movie - the altered future.

As for Famke Jannsen's stunt double, who knows if its just for 1 simple scene. Like Jean rising from something.

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