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Default Re: The Mark MILLAR Official Thread

Interview: James Mangold Discusses All Things Related to ‘The Wolverine’
Originally Posted by Germain Lussier
This movie is sort of its own one-shot, but it’s also the first movie to come out after Mark Millar began working with Fox’s heroes. Can you talk about Millar’s role and influence?

I’ve actually never met Mark. He’s been working on a script the whole time. One of the things that just showed from the studio’s point of view, I haven’t traded emails with him and talked to him with what I’m up to, but the reality is… I think what Mark’s doing and more so what people here are trying to do is just make everything line up in some way, but also at the same time to keep each filmmaker being able to tell a story that works. I honestly have felt, and maybe it’s the luck of this particular project or maybe it’s the way that things are going to operate now, but I feel that we’ve just done what we’ve felt like we should do and the studio has supported it. It’s honestly been a really lovely process.

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