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Default Re: Who should play Thanos?

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
God no. I strongly disagree. He doesn't have the "chops" to pull of someone like Thanos. I feel like he won't play Thanos, he will play HIS version of Thanos....I think he would bring a "Vin Diesel" feel to Thanos, that's not what I want to see. I want the actor to hopefully look through the comics, and try to embody it.

I do think Vin has a role for him in the MCU, but Thanos isn't it
No offense but every actor is going to bring "their" version of the character. I understand the objections that one would have to his casting. It's easy to assume he would be the guy he is in the FAST ANS FURIOUS just purple and in space. I just don't think that's in the realm of being very probable. I also give him credit for a wider range as a performer. I could be dead wrong, but I think he brings more positives than negatives. Of course my top pick is still Ron Perlman. It goes Perlman>Braugher>Bardem>Diesel.

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