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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 6

What some are forgetting Is Bryan Singer can mislead people.Famke Janssen's now likely Inclusion Is hinting at that.

SInce they apparently aren't doing a superman returns to Last Stand the Idea of future with sentinles being pure alternate timeline Is more logicil one.

1:The future Scenes wth sentinles could all play for first 30-40 minutes of film
depending on how much screen time with CGI the footage from first 4 and a half weeks of filming comes to
2:If Wolverine at end of film returns to future to find It changed odds are that would only be for last few minutes of film
3:If Jean was only at end of film Kinda of unusual for a cameo role requiring a stunt double
4:The entire time travel plot could be called Xavier and Magneto wanting to change destiny
5:Bryan Singer's correcting some things could hint at a back to the future/Fringe situation where some things are changed but Wolverine(and audence) are surprised by this and remember the original version
6:In past some here wanted an alternate future sceniro now that they get a possable hint to that suddenly they don't like It now

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