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Default Re: Who should play Thanos?

Originally Posted by KRYPTON INC. View Post
No offense but every actor is going to bring "their" version of the character. I understand the objections that one would have to his casting. It's easy to assume he would be the guy he is in the FAST ANS FURIOUS just purple and in space. I just don't think that's in the realm of being very probable. I also give him credit for a wider range as a performer. I could be dead wrong, but I think he brings more positives than negatives. Of course my top pick is still Ron Perlman. It goes Perlman>Braugher>Bardem>Diesel.
I disagree, certain actors can act different roles, while other actors have similar roles they always play, giving them an image. If Vin Diesel plays Thanos, it will be like, a Vin Diesel Thanos. There are plenty of actors who could pull of Thanos without being themselves, it's hard to put what I am trying to say into text.

I don't like Perlman for Thanos, I feel like he's a top choice cause of his chin, but I just don't think he can pull it off. Andre Braugher, that I think would be a great choice.

Thanos is my favorite character in Marvel btw, him and thor tied, so I am going to be very, VERY nitpicky about his casting. I want it perfect

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