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Default Re: Do you think this movie is going to be too big?

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
Yeah same with Origins, all of the characters had a purpose. But the execution wasn't good.

Instead of introducing 6 to 10 new characters, they could just give the role to somebody.

Pyro was probably vaporized in X3 and if they are gonna bring back Nightcrawler, there should be a big reason for that. If they are gonna bring him back just to do some action scenes then that would probably ruin his legacy in this film series.
If Nightcrawler is still alive in the future timeline he should be fighting alongside the X-Men against the Sentinels in some capacity. His survival and the survival of all mutants depends on their success.

In X3 we can assume that as a holy man he chose to live a more peaceful life rather than that of an X-Man but DOFP is a whole different scenario. If we assume he is idle somewhere else while people are dying...that ruins his legacy.

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