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Default Re: Avengers Alliance - Part 1

Originally Posted by Webfoot Hero View Post
I'm at 7/8 covers for Constrictor so I'm still grinding away for him. This has been a tough lockbox hero to get, as I've gotten probably 12 duplicates when I usually only get 4-5. I got one more group boss of my own and then have to hope for plenty of my allies doing them. Probably going to have about 20 boxes to get that last cover.
I'm on the same boat, one more cover to go, and i currently only have 4 lockboxes. A little less than 2 hours for the group boss to return, so i'm hoping between those and hopefully 4 starring mission 3 so i can complete task 6 of the side quests and get 24 lockboxes (i have 4 starred the other two) will give me enough. Fingers crossed

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